Researchers in Professor Fred Stern's lab use simulation-based design to develop a safer, less expensive way to design modern high-performance naval vessels.

Under Stern’s leadership, researchers at IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering have developed a groundbreaking computer code, CFDShip-Iowa, simulating air and water flow around a virtual ship. This Reynolds-averaged Navier Stokes computer program allows researchers to predict the performance of a virtual ship prototype under different conditions. CFDShip-Iowa is the most advanced computational fluid dynamic (CFD) computer code in the world for ship hydrodynamics. Already in use in several navy design efforts, CFDShip-Iowa is one important reason IIHR remains a leader in hydrodynamic research sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.

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Photo of Fred Stern

Stern receives $1.35M to support digital design of naval vessels

Thursday, June 23, 2022
Fred Stern, the George D. Ashton Professor of Hydroscience and Engineering and a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Iowa, has received a $1.35M award from the United States Department of Defense, Office of Naval Research to develop a digital process for ship design, evaluation, and certification.